Foam Turkey Window Art

IMG_1519We were in potty training mode and the kids were getting restless so I needed a quick activity that required little prep.  I brought out the bin of foam sheets and decided to whip up this foam turkey that can be used to decorate the window (or bathtub play).  We had made a foam Jack-o-Lantern in past years.

Cut out the turkey pieces from foam.  I simply free-handed most pieces, but I am sure you could find a template through a quick Goggle search.  Jake (5) was able to trace and cut out all of the pieces on his own.

We made the following pieces:

-Round body (brown)

-Turkey head/neck (brown)  My 2 year old thought this was a peanut!

-5 feathers (various colors)

-Triangular beak (orange)

-Wattle (red) *I had to look up the name.  I usually call it “red dangly thing”

-Eyes (white–we used black sharpie for eye ball)

-Feet (yellow)


Jake (5) insisted on helping with the tracing and cutting as he mentioned he was a “talented cutter”.  Even Nathan (2) helped me cut some pieces and entertained himself cutting scraps while I finished.

Love the little tongue!
Cutting scraps

Once we had all of the pieces ready, I brought a small pan of water near the window.  The boys dipped the pieces into the water and then placed them onto the window to stick.  (Note:  The pieces will fall off as the foam dries throughout the day).  I left the container of water so they could go back and fix their creations.  We will probably move the project into the bathtub at some point.

This turkey might be getting ready to be dinner!



Fun and simple project!  You could have all of the pieces assembled ready to play or have the kids help in making the pieces.  My kids like the “making” part just as much as the “play” part.

I am already thinking of what Christmas project we should design with foam.  Maybe a snowman or gingerbread man.  Need to stock up on more foam!

First Snowball Fight of the Season

IMG_1467Earlier in the fall my boys created scarecrows stuffed with paper grocery bags.  I was un-stuffing them to make room for our Christmas decorations and ended up with a big pile of crumpled brown paper grocery bags.  I was planning on moving them straight to the recycle bin, but then decided they should be used for another activity first.  Reuse and recycle!

We decided to have an indoor snowball fight!  At first, the two boys bombarded me with the snowballs.  I didn’t get a chance to take too many photos because my 5 year old kept telling me to put the camera down and play.  (I also decided on a whim to try potty training the 2 year old when he woke up from his nap).

Nathan (2) throwing a ball at me
Jake (5) throwing a ball at me

This kept the boys entertained for nearly an hour.  We kept all of the “balls” in a pile and they have revisited the activity quite a few times this evening.  Jake (5) even made a paper glove and bat to play baseball.  Nathan (2) and I threw him the balls and he whacked them back at us.  They also turned them into soccer balls as well and were kicking them around the house.

The Baseball Bat
The Baseball Bat

The boys decided we should leave the pile of “snowballs” to play again tomorrow.  It sounded like a good idea to me!