Christmas Angel Craft

Our Christmas Angel craft is so simple and the kids love it because it involves glitter!  After we finished, Nathan (2) looked at his project and said “I love my angel” and gave a great big smile.

Supplies:  white cardstock, cream/brown paper to match skin tone, yellow paper, coffee filter, goggly eyes, glitter

  1.  Cut out the triangular body from white cardstock.  It is probably a 8.5″ triangle.
  2. Cut out a circle for the head.  I tried to match paper to our skin tone from my stash of scrapbooking supplies.
  3. Cut a halo from the yellow paper.
  4. Fold a coffee filter in half to create the wings.
  5. Glue everything together.
  6. Add the face details.
  7. Add glitter!


I originally did this project when I was a teacher about 10 years ago.  I still had the templates made (all free-handed) so I traced them onto the paper and had Jake (5) cut the pieces.  I cut the middle portion of the halo for him.  Nathan (2) also wanted to cut, but he needed a little more assistance!  🙂

IMG_1614 IMG_1615

We glued all of the pieces together to form our angel.  I had the boys add googly eyes.  Then they added a smile and pink rosy cheeks.


Now comes the fun part.  The boys were so excited to work with the glitter.  I don’t think we had gotten it out in a while so it was a definite treat.  I will need to plan more glitter crafts!  I always use a box when glitter is involved.  It keeps it somewhat contained, but it is glitter so it’s inevitable to find it in places you least expect!

IMG_1619 IMG_1621

We put strips of glue on the body of the angel and the boys shook the glitter all over.  I poured the excess in an extra container to save for another project.


This was such a great project, especially when the boys weren’t being so angelic!  It was a good diversion and helped turned the day more positive!



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