Paper Shape Train


This train project happened on a whim one day.  It almost seems too simple to write a blog about!  Sometimes simple is best though.  My 2 year old saw a Sticky Mosaic Train on display his brother made when he was younger and wanted to make one.

I could have cut foam pieces for him to glue onto a train, but it was close to naptime and I wanted as quick and easy as possible!

So I dug out our bin of construction paper scraps to see what kind of project we could make.  Do you keep your paper scraps or toss everything when you are done with a project?  I fondly remember the “scrap collector” as one of the classroom jobs when I was in elementary school.  Someone would come around with a big cardboard box and we would toss our large scraps inside to use for other projects.  Sorry…a little off topic!

Anyway, I cut the following shapes using my scrap bin.  I simply looked at an image of a train as I was cutting the pieces.  I let my son help choose which colors to use.  It was a nice opportunity to talk about colors and shapes while we worked.

  • large rectangle (boiler)
  • rectangle (cabin)
  • small square (window in cabin)
  • small square (part of smoke stack)
  • triangle (part of smoke stack)
  • triangle (plow or ‘cattle catcher’ on front of train)
  • 3 circles (wheels)

Then we took all of the pieces and glued them to a sheet of construction paper.  Nathan (2) was able to use a glue stick to assemble the train.  I helped guide him with the placement.  Again, we emphasized the different shapes and colors as he was building.

We proudly displayed our train picture on our dining room wall (This is our art wall in our home).  When we needed some BIG fillers for our Christmas tree this year, I cut around  the train and tied a string to hang.  I figured trains fit with the Christmas theme.

I didn’t take any pictures of the process, but we have made all sorts of trucks with my boys only using shapes–fire truck, dump truck, garbage truck, etc. depending on their interest at the time.


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