DIY Personalized Pens


We made personalized pens to give to the other teachers and aides at my son’s school.  They are so simple, but turn out so cute and I love that they are homemade and personalized.

I found the idea a while back and pinned it to my Teacher Gift board.  When I went back to the pin, it said the website wasn’t available.

We used Pentel RSVP pens for this project.  I could only find them in “fine” but I personally prefer “medium” ink pens.  I did a quick search in the pen aisle at Staples, but didn’t find another option.  (Let me know if you find a different type of pen that works).


I unscrewed the end of the pen and cut a strip of white copy paper the length of the empty barrel.  It really doesn’t need to be exact since it will be wrapped around the ink inside the pen.

I had my son draw on the paper to decorate it.  He originally started drawing a picture of a Christmas tree, but I had to remind him we would be cutting the paper into smaller strips so just make a design.  He then just proceeded to take random crayons and draw lines all over–similar to a 2 year old but it looked good in the end.


Then I cut the long strip into smaller sections.  They were around 1.25-1.5 inches wide.  It really doesn’t need to be exact since it will be wrapped.  Then I used a fine point Sharpie to write each teacher’s name on the paper.  After a while, my Sharpie started to die.  Sharpie over crayons doesn’t work very well.  I eventually found a scrapbook pen that worked over the crayon.  I made these pens in the past and I think I wrote the name first and then had my son draw with crayons over it.

After the paper was cut, decorated, and name added, I wrapped the paper as tightly as possible around the ink barrel.  Then I slid the paper into the barrel and screwed the top back on.


We added a post it note pad to go with each pen and our simple appreciation gift was complete.  A personal and useful gift.  My 2 year old was even able to make one for his swimming teacher.


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