File Folder Color Garage


Years ago I made my now 5 year old a color parking garage.  I can’t remember where the idea originally came.  There are a lot of ideas for sight word garages so I may have just adapted it to use with a toddler at the time.  It got a lot of use and it still looks great.  Some of the colors–purple and white faded a little so I decided to update the garage for my younger son.

Original File Folder Color Garage–not in bad shape almost 4 years later

To make the garage, I simply laid out a file folder and traced a business card I had handy.  I found the business card to be the perfect “parking spot” size for Hot Wheel cars.  Then I took my markers and filled each spot with a different color.  To make “white” I cut a white label sticker to cover the space.

I reorganized the format this time so I had an empty space to fill.  I decided to make a gas  pump and add a piece of string so my son could fill his Hot Wheels with gas before parking.  I goggled an image of a gas pump and simply drew it on the folder.  I have found kids are not concerned with pictures being perfect.  Then I added the yarn–wrapped tape around the tip to form the nozzle and tape it to the back through a small hole I made in the folder.  I am so pleased with the final product!

The boys have already started playing with the newly updated garage and they are loving it!  I don’t have any pictures, but here is my 2.5 year old enjoying the old version.  We had fun trying to race our cars into the correct color parking spot first.  Somehow I always lost!

IMG_1970 IMG_1975

My 5 year old saw the new  version and I could tell he liked the added gas pump.  I asked if he wanted me to make him a new garage too.  He does!  I may add sight words to his garage.  They love games so I’m thinking I may add a game element as well.  I will make color cards/sight word cards to draw and they will have to drive a car to the correct spot.

Super simple and super portable as well.  I think this may find its way into the backpack to entertain the 2 year old when he has to attend big brother’s activities.



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