Marshmallow Igloo


After a relatively mild winter, we had 15 inches of snow dumped on us!  My 5 year old had a snow day from preschool so I decided we should plan a snow related activity to coincide with the special day!  We had just finished reading Curious George Builds an Igloo and they list additional activities to try.  In this case–building an igloo.  I decided to modify their suggestions to fit a 2 and 5 year old’s ability level, plus using supplies we already had in the kitchen since a run to the store was not an option!

Prepping the Igloo Base

I prepped the igloo base for the boys using a paper plate, paper bowl, and small bathroom paper cup.  First, I cut the paper cup in half to form a semi-circle for the entrance to the igloo.  I traced the semi-circle onto the upside down bowl to cut out the opening in the bowl.  Then I assembled the pieces together.  I used hot glue to secure the igloo to the plate to avoid it slipping.  The exact igloo base will appear slightly different depending on the size and shapes of the bowl, cups you use.  Use the picture as a guideline and the frosting and marshmallows will soon cover it entirely!

Igloo Base
Igloo Base

Now it was time to involve the boys–although my 2 year old was hounding me the entire time for the marshmallows!  I gave each boy their igloo base and set a plate of mini marshmallows between them.  Then I gave them each a small bowl of white frosting.

I showed Nathan (2) how to spread a little frosting on the base and place a marshmallow onto the “glue”.  While I was doing that, I noticed Jake (5) had already begun his building.  He was starting from the top of the igloo so I reminded him how George started with a circle and worked his way to the top.



Once I got Jake started, he worked very methodically and quickly.  He was finished a lot sooner than I expected.  Nathan didn’t move quite as methodically or quickly, but he enjoyed himself!  He had a more random approach to building!



Once Nathan decided his igloo was finished, his favorite part was eating the frosting and marshmallows!  He was so excited to show the igloo to Daddy once he got home from work.